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Tuesday 8th August 2006

The Journey back to Canada

We said our farewells to Kate then Dad and I headed North from Pennsylvania to Ontario, Canada. We were basically on the same highway all day. The next 2 nights were spent staying with our friends the Boyles in Kingston. Tom showed us around the local area and we did a day trip to Ottawa to catch up with Graham.

The next day we crossed the border back into the USA and continued the journey West. We crossed the border near Detroit and stayed the night in a small hick town called Flint Michigan.

The traffic around Chicago was a total nightmare which delayed us a bit. The rest of the day was spent driving until we found a spectacular little campsite called Cedar Lake near Iowa City. It was in the middle of nowhere and had a nice little lake nestled amongst rolling green hills. That night we met some blokes who were traveling the country working on TV antennas. A diverse group and very interesting people indeed!

The next day was another long day of driving and we ended up camping in a National Park in Yankton, South Dakota. It was extremely hot but quite picturesque. Another day of driving and we were in Rapid City, South Dakota. It was too hot to camp so we checked into a cheap hotel and went out for a big steak at the Outback Steakhouse (an Aussie themed restaurant). Good food but not so good a job on the Aussie Theme.

Mt Rushmore was only a stone’s throw away so we spent the next morning exploring the national park. It was very interesting and quite spectacular and well worth a visit. We Got some funny photos with Desmond the Kangaroo.

It was a deadest scorcher of a day, 45C (110F) and as a result Stan the Van struggled a bit and conked out while going down a hill. We called a tow truck and the diagnosis was vapor lock (the petrol was boiling in the fuel lines) and the treatment – a few hours in the shade. We broke down in a town called Sturgis which has an annual biker festival and we just happened to be there at that time of the year. Guys with tats and beer guts everywhere.

Yellowstone was our next destination and after a night in a small town called Ten Sleep we made it to the East Gate. Luke and I had entered through the North Gate 3 months before but not all the park was open so I was looking forward to checking it out. We drove around Yellowstone Lake and spent the afternoon at Old Faithful Geyser which was spectacular. It erupts every 90 mins or so and they can predict it to within 10mins. Very interesting. That night we camped at Madison campground and it was damn freezing.

The next morning we checked out some waterfalls and some hot springs then exited Yellowstone through the North Gate. We continued on North and spent the night in Helena, Montana.

The next day we crossed the border into Canada and stayed with my mate Dan in Calgary. Caught up with all the Calgary crew for some beers which was awesome!
We were pretty exhausted so spent the next two nights relaxing in Banff. We hiked up Tunnel Mountain but apart from that just took it easy. The last leg of the journey was the 6 hour drive back to Kelowna.

Dad hung around for a few days before flying back to Oz and taking a lot of my possessions with him, which was much appreciated. It was great that he got to meet my mates and see where I have spent the majority of the last 18 months. What an epic roadtrip. 23,000 kms (14,000 miles) all up!

Photos are here:

Monday 31st July 2006

Lemoyne, Pennsylvania

After driving across the country with Luke and exploring the East Coast it was time to chill for a bit and catch up on some sleep. My friend Kate (who I met in Oz when she was studying abroad) had just bought a house and had plenty of spare room so kindly invited me to crash there for a while.

The World Cup soccer was on so I spent a fair bit of time on the couch cheering on the Aussies. The pub down the road also had $1.50 Buds for the whole world cup so I may have gone there to watch a few games as well.

There was a whole bunch of Americans living near by who I knew from when they were in oz, so there was never a shortage of parties and things to do. Ryan had a party in Shippensburg and we also went to his cabin in the bush where we ate and drank well and I also got to shoot some guns! Good times!

We visited nearby Baltimore which has a very picturesque harbor and cool atmosphere. We also spent a weekend at Sea Isle City, New Jersey which is on the coast and has nice beaches. There was even some small waves so it was great to get some body surfing in!

The weather was really good and it got damn hot at times so we made the most of it and lived the outdoor life as much as possible. Lemoyne is only a short bike ride across the bridge from Harrisburg so we rode our bikes quite a bit. There was a cool pub called Dukes just down the road which overlooks the Susquehanna River, it was awesome I loved it. We spent quite a few nights there enjoying a quite beer while the sun set!

Kate got an invisible dog fence installed which basically gives the dog an electric shock if he crosses over the border. Kate was working so I was appointed official dog trainer, it was gold. I had a good time. Her dog Brody is gold!

At the end of July my Dad flew in to Washington DC to help me with the drive back to Canada. I drove down and met him at our friends house in DC. It was good to catch up as I hadn’t seen him for 18 months or so! We stayed a night in DC then drove back to Kate’s house for 2 nights then hit the road North towards Canada!

Photos from Lemoyne here:

Wednesday 14th June 2006

The Journey East

Since my last update we’ve driven over 14,000kms (8000 miles) down the West coast and across to the East coast of the USA.

After living it up in Davis, California with Ian we spent a few days exploring San Francisco. Checked out all the usual sights, went to a Baseball game and cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge which was definitely a highlight!

The next few days were spent driving south down the Californian coast towards LA. To quote the Lonely Planet … it was a “symphony of nature” (love it  ..… tossers!). Windy, narrow roads set on spectacular cliffs with panoramic views of the ocean made the trip well worth while. We had overnight stops in Santa Cruz and near Santa Barbara which was fun. Unfortunately the temperature was still a bit cold so we didn’t experience it at its best.

The next few nights were spent camping in Joshua Tree National Park which is just near Palm Springs. We fluked being there at the same time as a massive music festival called Coachella. We managed to scalp some tickets and saw some huge acts including: Tool, Madonna, Paul Oakenfold, Mylo, James Blunt. Great day! Oakenfold (Oaks for short) sure did out-do himself by coming out on stage pushing play on his CD player and pumping his fist in the air a few times … gold! Hence the expression “Doing an Oaks” means looking good while having done nothing.

Joshua Tree National Park was a symphony of ridiculously hot temperatures, red sand and desert. We did a day hike to a desert oasis but the temperature was one million degrees that day and we almost died of heat exhaustion, boredom and sun stroke. We saw a humming bird back at the campsite which was very cool indeed.

Our next stop was Vegas …. baby, where we met up with my Canadian mate (Jigga) who had flown in from Kelowna. Vegas was a total blast. We had such a good time. The highlight was a night out (dressed in my retro suit) at Studio 54, which is by far the best nightclub I have ever been to. Two nights (with very little sleep) was definitely enough so we continued on to the Grand Canyon via the Hoover Dam.

After spending some time taking in the shear size and spectacular views of the Grand Canyon, the 3 of us headed South West to San Diego. We stayed in a fantastic, friendly hostel right on Pacific Beach which made San Diego a huge highlight of the trip. Nice beaches, beautiful sunsets, friendly locals and pumping nightlife makes San Diego a “must see”!

We were in San Diego for a Cinco de Mayo (5th of May) – a massive Mexican celebration and it sure didn’t disappoint. Desmond came out to party and stole the hearts, smiles, beers and wallets of the people staying at the hostel.

Mexico was only a stones throw away so we checked out Tijuana and spent a night in Rosoritto. It was dodgy as hell but great fun. The border crossing into Mexico is basically a turn-style with absolutely no security or passport control, hilarious! They have no idea who is entering their country. We met some American birds while trying to find the hostel and they kindly offered us some accommodation in an apartment that they had rented but was not being used. So Luke, Jiggs and I had a beachside apartment all to ourselves … gold. We went to an enormous night club called Pappas and Beer, which was totally out of control! There were no rules! $1 beers and tacos went down very well!

There was some frantic confusion at the USA border crossing when Desmond the Kangaroo was mistaken for a fugitive Mexican Donkey and was threatened with deportation to Guantanamo Bay. He pretended he was Skippy the Talking Kangaroo and after hours of interrogation was finally given the all clear by immigration.

LA was next on our itinery and proved to be epic times! We met up with two Aussie mates: Dan Roth and Doddsy. 4 Aussies, a Canadian and an inflatable kangaroo sure guaranteed some crazy shenanigans! We checked out UCLA, Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica and Venice Beach. We may have not been totally honest with the motel owner when we repeatedly told him that there were only 3 people staying in the room … oops. As a result we were forced to leave and stay at a hostel in Santa Monica. On one of the nights out, Luke, Dodds and I ended up at a house party in South Central LA, it was dodgy as!

After 3 nights in LA it was time for the 5 of us to head our separate ways! Luke and I headed East towards Washington DC. Along the way we had stopped in Albuquerque -New Mexico, Tulso – Oklahoma, stayed with some Aussie friends in St Louis – Missouri, had a fun night out in Columbus – Ohio and caught up with Kate in Harrisburg – Pennsylvania. There may have been an incident in Columbus where we met a Stiffler like character and ended up with a sorority house flag but that can’t be confirmed at this stage …

So after 5 days of straight driving we finally arrived exhausted in the Nation’s Capital. I stayed with some friends while Luke attended a 3 day Muslim Pakistani wedding. It was great to chill out and catch up on some much needed sleep!

We spent a few nights on the New Jersey coast including Atlantic City which is like a run-down version of Vegas. Whilst in New Jersey Desmond got on the wrong side of the mafia, so we were forced to flee to New York city.

New York was amazing! I loved it. We stayed with one of Luke’s mates who lived very centrally indeed. Did all the touristy stuff including: Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Times Square, Ground Zero etc. We also went to a New York Yankees baseball game and saw a show on Broadway. The show we saw was called Avenue Q and was a spoof of Sesame Street, very funny indeed and yes the Bert like character ended up coming out of the closet … gold!

The short drive to Philadelphia signaled the end of Luke and I’s roadtrip! It was a great finale though as we went to a Ween concert in downtown Philly!

I’m currently chilling with a friend (Kate) just near Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. I’ve been taking it really easy, riding my bike, watching a heap of soccer and attempting to figure out what the hell I’m going to do with my life. All I know is that it has to involve work very soon as my bank balance and I are not on good terms at the moment. I’ll be driving back to Canada to sell my car at some stage in the near future.

I was hoping to be able to fly over to Germany for the World Cup but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen now. Keep your eye out for Desmond the Kangaroo in the crowd though as he decided to do a solo mission to support the Socceroos!

Anyway that is my news. I’ve just uploaded some photos so if you are interested you can check them out at:

Go the Aussies!!

Take it easy


Sunday 23rd April 2006

Roadtrip USA

My situation has changed considerably since my last email. The company I was working for in Kelowna, Canada tried to sponsor me to stay on for another couple of years but unfortunately the application was denied. They appealed but that was also unsuccessful. So my stay in Canada was cut short. I finished up work and had a month of relaxing and snowboarding to gather my thoughts.

I figured that I would never own a car in North America ever again so the logical conclusion I came to was … ROADTRIP. An Aussie mate (Luke) had just quit his job in Sydney and didn’t need much convincing to fly over and join me … GAME ON!

Last week I packed up my stuff, transformed my van into roadtrip mode (ie installed curtains and built a bed in the back), said my goodbyes and headed off into the sunset to the Land of Opportunity …. the USA!

The drive from Kelowna to Seattle was fairly uneventful apart from ridiculous Easter Long Weekend traffic and arrogant border guards. I arrived in Seattle just in time to indulge in some of Luke’s home made pizza and enjoy some fine American beers (hahaha)! We crashed at a mate’s house in Seattle for a few days and spent the days exploring the city and the nights sampling the bars. Great times! Seattle is a very lively exciting city with a very picturesque skyline.

Our first destination was Yellow Stone National Park. The journey involved 2 days of driving through 3 states with an overnight stay in hicktown, Montana, quite the experience. Everyone has been extremely friendly so far and the Aussie accents have been pure gold!

On arrival at Yellow Stone we were surprised to discover 10cm of snow covering the park and sub-zero temperatures. Not ideal considering that I had left all my winter clothes in Canada, I didn’t even have gloves or a beanie. We setup camp in the snow and crashed out for the night … Luke in his tent and me in my van, it was absolutely freezing. My water bottle froze during the night inside my van. Out of control!

We were advised that the bears in the park had just come out of hibernation and were hungry. The ranger issued us with strict instructions on what to do with our food and the bear jokes flowed freely around the campsite. We figured that it was all fun and games until someone got mauled by a grizzly. The next few days were spent exploring the park by car and foot. Unfortunately not everything was open due to the winter conditions but we still got to see plenty of bison, deer, hot springs, geothermals and got a good overall impression of its immense size and beauty.

We’ve only been on the road a week and yet we have already disgraced our country by delivering a horrendous rendition of Men at Work – Down Under at a seedy Kareoke bar in Salt Lake City…. Not pretty!

We are now in Davis, California (near San Francisco) staying with an American mate (Ian) that I met at uni. On our way here we spent a night in Salt Lake city mixing it up with the Mormans and a night in Reno mixing it up with the rednecks … awesome times!

Yesterday was a huge university party here in Davis (the equivalent of Autonomy Day or BSD). Good times were had by all!

The plan from here is San Fran tomorrow then we are taking a couple of weeks to drive down the coast to Mexico then Vegas, Grand Canyon, meeting some mates in LA then we have allowed 7 days to drive across to the East Coast as we have a wedding to go to in Washington DC and I have a date with Meg Ryan at the top of the Empire State building. Going to be some long driving days but should be epic!

Monday 13th February 2006

Epic Snow Conditions

The snow conditions here have been absolutely fantastic! Big White has a 2.7m base and Silver Star has equally good conditions.

I've been making the most out of the great conditions and have been up to the hill every weekend and even taken a few days off work to go riding.

Last week I took Wednesday off to meet Dane and Claudia + friends up at Big White to go riding. It was one of the best days ever, about 15cm of pow pow, clear blue skies and no crowds .... amazing. That night Dane, Claudia and 4 of their mates from Sunshine all crashed at my house, good times. Mid week drinking is bad for work though!
Photos from Dane:

Last weekend Bates, Jigga and I stayed up at Silver Start for the weekend. The snow was amazing, it was deadset knee deep between the trees. We fluked the biggest party weekend at the Saloon Bar ... a beach party. Awesome weekend.

Funny story from the weekend. There's a hot-tub up at Silver Star so anyway when I was packing for the weekend I couldn't find my favourite board shorts and wondered if I had left them at Silver Star last time I was there in December. We stumble out of the pub at Silver Star on the Saturday night and I see some bloke wearing my shorts. I chase him down and sure enough he got them from lost property so I went back to his joint and he returned them to me ... gold!

Monday 23rd January 2006

Glass Tiger

I had never heard of Glass Tiger but we heard on the radio that a semi-famous Canadian 80s band was in town so decided to go check them out. They play the song "I died in your arms tonight" - you've probably heard of them.

Anyway we got dressed in bad 80s clothes and went to the concert. It turned out to be a great night!

Photos here:

Earlier in the week I also went to see Nickleback and Live. Noone else wanted to go so I did a solo mission. It was awesome fun. I met a group of 10 chicks (cougars) on a girls night out and hung out with them. Got kicked in the eye by a crowd surfer and got a cut above my eye so it looks like I've been fighting.

Apart from that I've been working hard during the week and snowboarding up at Big White every weekend. The snow is awesome at the moment, so much of it!! Loving it!

Sunday 1st January 2006

New Years Eve

New Years was spent up at Big White and didn't disappoint. Jigga, Darren, Dan and I spent the night  in Rackels pub ... awesome night!

Photos here:

Wednesday 28th December 2005

Xmas Roadtrip

I drove my Van to Calgary for Xmas.
I met up with Dan in Banff and stayed the night in the Samesun hostel. The next day we skiied Sunshine. Did some runs with Dane during his lunch break and also caught up with Claudia.

I spent Xmas in Calgary with my flatmates Conor and Kelly and their families. I was spoilt rotten by their families ... good times. I was privledged to participate in the Mack family Xmas day boot hockey game which was awesome!!

After Boxing Day, Dan and I did a snowboarding roadtrip back to Kelowna. We rode at Fernie, White Water, Apex and Big White. Awesome fun. Had some great nights out in some little hick towns. Found hotels for $20 each a night, cheaper than hostels.

Photos are here:

Sunday 20th November 2005

Xmas Party

We had our first party at the new house on the weekend. The Xmas theme ensured a jovial atmosphere and some awesome photos.

The photos tell the story:

Tuesday 1st November 2005

I bought a Car

Photos here:

Monday 24th October 2005

Eurotrip 2005 - Summary

The road to Oktoberfest was long and windy, I won’t bore you with all the details but if you are interested in what Phil, James and I got up to you can read my travel diary here:
and view the photos here:

This is a quick summary of what we got up to.

- Drove: 11,394 kilometers
- Stayed in: 14 different countries
- Spent: 193 hours driving (8 full days)
- Went on: ferries, trains, buses, trams, planes, car, bicycles
- Visited: museums, churches, mosques, cathedrals, monasteries, castles
- Drank: numerous dirt cheap beers and bottles of wine
- Ate: some of the most delicious, gourmet and affordable food I have ever tasted
- Admired: heaps of stunning women
- Swam: in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Black Sea, icy cold rivers, pools, hot springs
- Jumped: off waterfalls in Slovenia
- Woke: Phil up at 7am in Krakow to give him a sausage roll
- Met: heaps of cool people
- Made: some good mates
- Sung: beers songs at Oktoberfest, “Easy Lover” by Phil Collins
- Danced: up a storm on Mykonos
- Saw: many spectacular sights
- Experienced: many different cultures
- Laughed: lots
- Cooked: spaghetti frequently
- Got: 1 flat tyre
- Slept: in tents, hostels, motels, homestays, ferries, in the car and on a park bench
- Hit: 178km/h on the Autobahn
- Learnt: A hell of alot
- Had: the time of my life!
- Didn’t: want to leave Europe!
- Will:  be back in Europe soon!
- Highlights: South of France, Southern Italy, Transylvania, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Slovenian Alps, Hungary, Krakow, Oktoberfest, North of Germany

I’m back in Kelowna, Canada now. Started back at my engineering job which is going really well. They are going to sponsor me so I might stay here for a few years, see what happens. Big White opened up a couple of weeks ago so every weekend will be spent Snowboarding up there from now on. It’s looking like it’s going to be an awesome season! I also bought a 7 seater van so there will be numerous road trips over the winter and maybe a massive trans North America one next summer (nothing is planned yet but let me know if you are keen to come).

Thursday 28th July 2005

G'day London

Arrived in the UK after an epic 25 hour journey. The trip was vapid at best and fairly uneventful. Highlights include: the chick in my row vomiting everywhere and the bald guy in the seat in front of me having two large boils on his head (couldn't stop staring at them)... nasty.

I pretty much went straight from the airport to my relos in Wales where I stayed for 2 nights and caught up on some much needed sleep. Checked out nearby Cardiff (looks like a fun place to go to uni Matty!) and generally just took it easy. On Wednesday I caught the bus back to London where I met up with my mate Phil who I am travelling around Europe with. Spent the last couple of days with Phil and Desmond doing all the touristy things in London. Desmond sure did attract alot of attention! There's a massive Police presence in London since the bombings. Can't help feeling uncomfortable when an Arab looking guy with a backpack sits next to you on the tube.

It's great being on the road again, loving it .... met heaps of awesome people at the hostel, not to mention more than enough annoying yanks. There's a pub in the hostel I'm staying at, it's crazy, £1 pints ensures a good night.

Off to France tomorrow morning to pick up our hire car, then the adventures will begin! Bring it on!

Friday 22nd July 2005

Farewell Party

Had a farewell party for me. Retro theme. Awesome night, the photos tell the story.

Tuesday 19th July 2005

Calgary Stampede!

Took a couple of days off work and did a roadtrip through the Rockies to Calgary for the world renowned Stampede. Got there Thurs night and had a few warm up beers at the Den. On Friday we hit the Stampede grounds. It is basically like a massive fair similar to the Royal Easter show in Sydney. We saw some live country music, a mountainbike demo, chilled in the Indian Village and watched a hypnotist which was awesome. Friday night we met up with some Kelowna mates and went to Tequilla nightclub, not a bad one at all.

Saturday was the day of the pub crawl. It all kicked off at Coyotes bar at 3pm. 40+ buses and over 3,000 people were all vital ingredients of a massive day. All the bars had massive tents set up to accommodate all the people, it was insane. We also went to Cowboys, Ranchmens and one other bar. All with a cowboy theme. We had a group of about 20 who had all travelled from Kelowna and it was an awesome day!

Sunday we drove back to Kelowna. Everything went smoothly except for a minor speeding fine on the way home. Great weekend, now = detox! A big thanks to Leith for putting Matty and I up for the weekend!

The photos tell the story:

Wednesday 13th July 2005


Kelowna fired up on the weekend with some wakeboarding and moto-X action at Wakefest 05. Dane and Jack came out from Van for the weekend and bought some VIP passes with them. I scored some media passes as well so between us there was heaps of free stuff to be had!

We hung out in the VIP section for 3 days (thanks heaps Jack!), eating free food and drinking free beer. Tough life hey. There was some awesome wakeboarding action and sweet Moto-X demos. It was packed out .... over 30,000 people they reckon. Del La Sol played on Sat night which was a cool show.

Got some sweet photos so check em out:

Tuesday 5th July 2005

Canada Day long weekend!

Canada was confederated on July 1st 1867 and as a result we got a long weekend... Bring it on! It was an epic weekend! Had about 10 mates rock into town and crash at our house!

Plenty of partying and beach going!
Photos tell the story so check them out here:

On the Friday Matty and I drove to Silver Star for some downhill mountainbiking action. It is crazy to think only 2 months ago I was snowboarding on the trails that people were now mountainbiking on! It was an intense day, the trails were wicked and very challenging. We both had massive stacks, I flew over the handlebars and landed on my head, knocking myself out for a few seconds and Matty did the same injuring his hip! Girls all over the world missed out on some Matty loving for a few days! hahaha
Here's the photos:

Thursday 30th June 2005

A week in Kelowna

Just thought I’d share an insight into what a typical week is like for me in Kelowna. Living and working in another country is an amazing experience. Work is not like real work and even day to day tasks like grocery shopping are fun when you have an accent. Words like routine, stress and responsibility have disappeared from my vocabulary while the phase “you only live once” is thrown around on a daily basis.

Was tired after work so retired to my room for a quick power nap, which worked like a treat. Kelly (my flatmate) and I then rode our bikes down to Gyro beach for a quick swim. Shared a bottle of white wine with Kel and Erin dropped around for some drinks. Headed to Flash Backs nightclub as a “famous” DJ from Vancouver was doing a gig there and we had scored some free tickets. I was feeling great after the wine and wasn’t planning on drinking anymore but that plan went out the window when we were given a free Kokanee as we entered FlashBacks  (first 100 people apparently). Plan B was to drink the free beer then be home in bed by midnight. Met a cool chick who quickly changed those plans and I ended up drinking more beer and staying out later than expected. Only live once hey!

Was slightly hungover at work, but due to the 3pm Friday knock-off time (I love this company) the day went reasonably fast. I was settled in for a quiet night when Britt and Ash dropped around with the news that one of their friends from Calgary (who I had heard all about) was in town. They managed to twist my rubber arm and I ended up heading to their house for some beers. From there we went to a nightclub called Higher Ground. Great night. Ended up getting driven home by some random girl who offered me a lift home in exchange for me walking her to her car.

Activities included swimming, playing tennis and chilling with mates (sorry losing interest in writing this thing).

Some mates dropped in after work and I somehow managed to resist the temptation to drink beer and instead opted for an early night to aid my recovery from the weekend’s activities.

Met up with some mates after work and went for 35c prawns at a local pub. They were really nice! Went for a late evening dip in the lake after that … good times!

Wednesday is wing night! A weekly ritual where we head to a pub and induldge in fatty chicken wings that have been drenched in various different sauces. Usually get a good crowd there and tonight was no different.

Tuesday 28th June 2005

Soccer in Revelstoke

Played in a soccer tournament in Revelstoke, a picturesque little town on the outskirts of the Rocky Mountains about a 2.5 hour drive away on the weekend. A bloke's from work's team was short a few players so I helped them out. The team I played for was called the Rented Mules. They were a bunch of top blokes. There's a saying here that you are "as beat as a rented mule" and this team gets beaten all the time so the name is quite well suited. The weekend was more about drinking than soccer so it was always going to be good times. I hadn't played outdoor soccer for about 5 years and two big nights and shots of tequilla at half time sure did not help my performance on the field. I was playing striker and didn't go close to scoring except for one header. We lost the first game 9-0, second 4-0 and miraculously won the last game 1-0. Arrived back in Kelowna buggered on Sunday night! Sorry no photos as the guys didn't want anything that could be used as evidence ie. what happens in Revelstoke stays in Revelstoke .... hahaha .. gold!

Tuesday 21st June 2005

Life in Kelowna

Life in Kelowna has been great times so far. It’s been about 6 weeks since I left Big White and after 3 weeks at the hostel and  a couple of weeks of couch surfing I’m now finally settled in ..... New town, new house, new friends and new job … bring it on!  I’m loving it here! Kelowna is one of the hottest places in Canada in summer and we’ve been making the most of the great weather … been spending heaps of time outdoors – swimming, cycling and even had a day out in a boat with some wakeboarding action. There’s plenty of time after work to do stuff as it doesn’t get dark till 10pm.

I’m living with another Aussie and two Calgarians, Conor, Kelly and Nick … great bunch of people! Our house is wicked, newly renovated with a huge deck out the back. Great for socialising and BBQing! Always people dropping by which ensures there is never a dull moment. The house came unfurnished but we’ve managed to deck it out really cheap with odds and ends from garage sales and charity shops. Great location too, only a 5 min ride to my work and also the lake and downtown. I even ride home from work for lunch.

I scored a sweet engineering job with Falcon Engineering (http://www.falcon.ca). It’s the same sort of work I was doing in Newcastle with Connell Wagner and the pay is much better than back at home. It’s great to earn some decent cash after being on minimum wage. It’s been a steep learning curve as there is a massive language barrier, all the engineering terminology is different and there is a new set of standards and codes to learn. Even though Canada is metric they use feet and inches here as most of the suppliers are American, damn yanks! How backward are they! The office is heaps laid back, flexible hours and the dress code is casual so I can wear shorts to work. It’s been a bit of a struggle settling back into a 8-5 job, but I’m pretty much used to it now.

It’s been awesome times since I’ve been here (don’t want to leave). One of the highlights was Mudfest, a party at a mate’s house where he put on 5 kegs, DJs and dug a massive mud pit in his back yard.
You can check the photos out here:

Saturday 7th May 2005

Happy Birthday Kelowna!

Kelowna is 100 years old today! I joined in with the festivities and got amongst the street party. Had an awesome fireworks display, one of the longest I have ever seen.

Everything is going well here in Kelowna. Looks like I have secured an engineering job at a local company. Same sort of work that I was doing back at home and the pay is good which will ameliorate my financial position. Not sure when I start but should be in the next week or so. They just have to find a free desk to sit me at as the office is chockers!

I'm still living at the hostel. It's one of the nicest hostels I have stayed at so not too bad at all. My days have been filled with beach volleyball, rollerblading and generally just getting out there and enjoying the sunshine. Kelowna is situated on a giant lake so there is heaps to do in Summer. They even have some sandy beaches which are nice by Canadian standards but prob won't rate a mention in Australia. Tough life hey!

Looks like I've got a sharehouse sorted, so will hopefully move in on the weekend. Seems like everything is coming together nicely for me!

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· Back in Argentina (27/04/10)
· Uyuni Salt Flats (22/04/10)
· Potosi (20/04/10)
· Bolivia (17/04/10)
· Cusco and Lake Titicaca (13/04/10)
· The Inca Trail (10/04/10)
· Peru (29/03/10)
· South of Ecuador (26/03/10)
· Banos (23/03/10)
· Back on the Main Land (Ecuador) (19/03/10)
· Galapagos Islands (14/03/10)
· Ecuador (08/03/10)
· Panamania (06/03/10)
· Colombia (03/03/10)
· Brazil = Carnival! (21/02/10)
· Argentina (20/02/10)
· Free Kangaroo and Beaver Hugs (27/02/08)
· Desmond the Movie (05/02/07)
· Christmas in Australia (22/12/06)
· Lost in Translation (15/12/06)
· US of friggin A (11/12/06)
· Costa Rica (04/12/06)
· Nicaragua (02/12/06)
· Honduras = Scuba (18/11/06)
· El Salvador (09/11/06)
· A Month in Antigua (03/11/06)
· Mumma, Nosotros vamos a subir un volcan! (31/10/06)
· Lago Atitlan (24/10/06)
· A Weekend in Monterrico (17/10/06)
· Spanish Classes, Salsa Classes & Meet the Parents (12/10/06)
· Antigua (10/10/06)
· Guatemala ... baby! (05/10/06)
· You Better Belize it! (01/10/06)
· Mayan Ruins & More Beautiful Beaches (29/09/06)
· Isla de Mujeres (Isle of Women) (26/09/06)
· The Real Cancun (19/09/06)
· I've got one ticket to Paradise (17/09/06)
· Back in Kelowna (Canada) (05/09/06)
· The Journey back to Canada (08/08/06)
· Lemoyne, Pennsylvania (31/07/06)
· The Journey East (14/06/06)
· Roadtrip USA (23/04/06)
· Epic Snow Conditions (13/02/06)
· Glass Tiger (23/01/06)
· New Years Eve (01/01/06)
· Xmas Roadtrip (28/12/05)
· Xmas Party (20/11/05)
· I bought a Car (01/11/05)
· Eurotrip 2005 - Summary (24/10/05)
· G'day London (28/07/05)
· Farewell Party (22/07/05)
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· Wakefest (13/07/05)
· Canada Day long weekend! (05/07/05)
· A week in Kelowna (30/06/05)
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· Life in the Big Brother House (20/02/05)
· New Board (17/02/05)
· Powder Day ... Yeah (14/02/05)
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· The Plan for Canada (21/12/04)

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